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December 25st, 2011

The first predecessor of the roulette wheel were numbered slots and running them on the ball in play, called "Hawk." The earliest types of roulette wheels then were rougher and more primitive than those used in modern casinos, this is a big chance for the owners of gambling scams. The story also knows a few more games, roulette predecessors, such as "even-odd" or "bull." An analogue of the same modern roulette appeared in Paris in 1765 and to this day remains unchanged. For a long time, various state struggled with this game, it is prohibited, and the casino closed, but now the tape is legal in most countries, even more than that, it is possible to go out and buy a toy roulette games designed for children.

So, roulette is a great wheel, the rim of which are numbered holes for ball. At the beginning of the game on a special inner trough runs a small ball, usually made of ivory or Teflon. Roulette wheel itself is created so as to reduce friction to almost zero rotation and thus eliminate the likelihood of any laws as a result of the game. Among the ignorant it is believed that a very experienced dealer the method of his own will to let the ball so that he gets it right in the room or even sector numbers. Professionals also know that this is possible only if the roulette wheel has a tiny physical defect. High quality and well-made tape - it's almost perfect random number generator. There are two main types of roulette - European and American. Also, many distinguished Russian roulette (not to be confused with the deadly "Russian roulette"), this species is a mixture of European and American, is commonly used in Russian casinos and for some reason called the "American" in its online casino you probably will not meet.

Roulette games rules

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