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December 27st, 2011

Keno game rules quite simple. The essence of the game is that keno is played on the big board and the board it is marked up the numbers from 1 to 80. In a special basket are 80 numbered balls. Random selection of baskets retrieved all 20 balls out of 80 submitted. The task of the players - guess their number. Bingo - a game in which everyone can win a large sum!
Well, I wonder? Then talk about the rules and objectives of the player in more detail. So: To play you need to make bets. This is done as follows. You as the player is given a special keno keno ticket, or form. There you will see boxes with numbers (1 through 80, respectively). Your task - to choose (s) of the squares and mark them with a cross (X) and make them their bets. Number of your room depends on how much you are willing to supply.

It is important to remember that for one game you are allowed to bet a maximum of fifteen of the eighty numbers proposed. Player selected numbers on his ticket, squares correspond to real numbered balls. Bet, a player throws the ball with their corresponding numbers in the basket. Special machine delivers air to the basket (the basket in keno is also called bubble bubble), and the balls are automatically shuffled. The balls are mixed. Now you press the lever and open a special tube (come to the casino, you will see this tube, and immediately everything will become clear). This in turn raises the tube mixed 80 balls (play is not only you but also others). Random selection of casino throws 20 balls at a time. The inspection record numbers of those 20 dropped balls, and a special computer system calculates the bets placed on these balls. And now the most pleasant time, for which you own and play: you pay depending on how many numbers are drawn to coincide with those numbers that you chose at the beginning of the game.

Keno games rules

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