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December 27st, 2011

One of the oldest gambling - dice. It is so called because originally it used for certain bones of animals. The origins of the game in the popular hidden in the ancient divination on bones. As well as cards, dice were originally used (and still used) to know the future and past, to determine the attitude of the gods and make decisions in difficult situations. Much later began to bet on one or the other loss of bone. As soon as they did not look before we became familiar with the numbered cubes faces - and the balls and pyramids, and black and white plates, and even nuts. The rate of the winner, a unique variety of options, a very important role did luck play in the popular dice game of chance. Such regular cubes with numbers determined the enrichment of individuals and their ruin, rise and fall of empires as much as, and sometimes cost the player the freedom or even life.

Sic Bo - a popular type of dice. It is believed that it originated in China, but it strongly reminds one of an ancient game called Hazard Grande (Grand Hazard), this dice game known from the XIII century in France and England. Sic Bo has gained its popularity in Southeast Asia, then in America and Europe and now rapidly growing Russian market gambling. It is equally pleasing to fans and only fans of fortune and cold calculation due to their specific rules. In Sic Bo using hexagonal dice, numbered from one is six, the sum of the opposite faces is always seven. In the game each time throwing three dice, before the players make bets on the numbers of faces loss of options in this particular game. Basically, players place their chips on their chosen sector playing field, corresponding to different rates. Bricks thrown dealer with an instrument called poppers (popper). The principle of its action is simple - the bones inside the dome of a special thrown in up through electric impulses. Seeing that the bets are made, the dealer said that more bets are not accepted off the device and opens the dome, showing the three players the winning number. Pick up losing chips, the dealer pays the rates, which have won. Then you can start betting on the next game. In Sic Bo is just a few players, they make their rates independently of each other.

Dice games rules

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