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December 26st, 2011

Craps - a modern version of an ancient dice game. This game was very popular in various countries in ancient times. The earliest dice were found by archaeologists in Egypt about two thousand years BC Now this game has many variations. You can play a very simple game with one or two cubes, which will benefit those who could throw more points. Well, you can much more complex, which already have to use tactics to win. Once the bones have been used to try to find the will and wishes of the gods. Now the bones - it's just a name appearing on the dice with their faces dots representing Points. Dice used in a variety of games as a universal random number generator. For a game of dice cubes only need - from 3 to 5 pieces. It is believed that a modern version of craps was invented in the 19th century. Its peculiarity and difference from other popular game of Sic Bo is that here each player in turn throws the dice and the result is taken into account in the game. Usually, the game consists of different number of throws dice. Unlike online casinos, the player selects from offered to him for two identical blocks of a throw, then passes the entire pile of bricks next to the player who makes the choice to turn.

The game begins with the first throw. It is called «Come out rol». If the total amount of points on the faces of the dice is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, then this value determines the "Point» («Point»). If the first toss will fall out 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, the round will automatically end immediately. Well, if it was thrown out, "Item", then on the field game table is placed chip. As soon as the "Item" is defined, the players roll the dice until that time on, until it again falls the same amount of "points" or 7.

Craps games rules

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