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December 25st, 2011

In blackjack, using from one to eight decks of cards. Often a few games in a row is a single set of decks, played cards just removed from the game. This leaves players the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by counting which cards are already out of the game. But casino owners do not like these players are trying to identify them and deny them access to the casino, if it does not conflict with local laws. Main goal of the game - to beat the dealer, the only way to get the win. To do this you need to collect a combination of cards that will be the total is more than the dealer, but less than 21 second point. Maps from two to ten are from two to ten points, respectively, an ace is worth one or eleven (interpreted in favor of the player) and pictures (jack, queen, king) - 10 points. As if playing a deck of 32 cards, pictures are respectively jack - 2, lady - 3, the King - 4 points.

The game is played as follows. Casino employees, called the "dealer" gives each player two cards and himself as he lays only one. All the cards are opened and immediately visible to all participants of the party. If, immediately after the distribution of the player 21 points, the situation is called "blackjack" and it is the most pleasant possible. In this case the player gets the win outright in the amount of 3 to 2 (ie one and a half times his bet). The only exception is for cases where the very first card the dealer has a ten, a picture or an ace. Then the player with blackjack to choose between either a gain of 1 to 1, or wait until the end of the range of games and if the dealer does not leave too blackjack, get a prize of $ 3 to 2. Then the players who have been unlucky to gather once a blackjack dealer offers or take an additional card, or miss the circle and stay in the same amount of points that he has already. Accordingly, the player meets the "Map" (a variant of "More!") Or "Enough!" ("Enough!"). Usually, if a new player's card allowed him to score 21 points, then the dealer is no longer asks him and begins to question the next. If the combination of a player is worth more than 21 points, it means too much. The dealer says, "Many," and takes the player's bet. Naturally that player loses. Well, if the dealer to get the first two cards blackjack, then have all players lose. If your rates are only those who managed to get 21 points of the two cards, unless of course they have chosen not immediately take advantage of 1 to 1. Only when all players have completed typing cards, the dealer may say "myself" and pass the card to himself. In addition, there is a general rule for this game, it says that the dealer has to stop, gaining 17 points or above, and on the other hand dial until you get, even if the players obviously less points.

Blackjack games rules

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