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December 26st, 2011

Baccarat - is popular around the world card game can be played in casinos and at home. Taking into account that the simple rules of the game, Baccarat can be called one of the few games where you can start playing even a beginner. The online casino usually play options such as mini-baccarat baccarat (mini-baccarat) and punto banco (punto banco). Each player at the table playing against the dealer. Unlike other card games, Baccarat players have no opportunity to independently make a decision about taking a new card. It all depends on the combination of cards, according to which the player is dealt a card or not.

Rules of the game
Table for a game of Baccarat is designed for 12-15 people. The game involved a 6 or 8 decks, each with 52 cards. In order to win in Baccarat, you need to dial a 9 points, or as close to the number 9. For example, if you have 7 points, and the dealer 5, respectively, the payoff for you. On the table has 3 fields in which the player can place a bet: Player (Player), the payment - 1:1 Banker (Banker) - 1:1 Tie (Tie) - 8:1 Banker field has no relation to the casino and the dealer, exactly the same way as Player has no direct relationship to the player. And the player and the dealer can put on any of the fields in accordance with the rules. Is dealt two cards each. Under certain circumstances, the player or the dealer may be issued to a third card - this is called the rule of the third card, this will be discussed further. Cards with a 2-9 advantage count at face value, while a dozen cards and pictures (Jack, Queen, King) are taken as zero. Ace counts as 1 point. It may happen that a player will be on hand cards with a total score greater than 9. Then out of the total by the rules you must subtract 10. For example, you have 7 and 6, total of 13 points. Subtract 10 = 3 points. After all bets are made, the dealer deals cards - two for each player, currently also two. What situations can arise with the cards after the deal: 1. The player has a natural (natural) combination - scored 9 points, or 8. The third card does not sound as immediately revealed the winner of the round. 2. The player gains is less than 6 points. The third card is dealt. The dealer shall act in accordance with the rule of the third card.

Baccarat games rules

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