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November 29st, 2011

Baccarat game is quite simple. There are two designations for the hands, "player" hand and "Banker" hand. The aim of the game is to bet on the high side, with the highest hand, 9. You can bet on both sides, or you can bet on the other, called a "tie." Here's the lowdown, "The Gambler" and "Banker" hand to pay a one to one, not bad. Betting on the "tie" on the line lures at eight to one odds, but remember that there are 1 in 10 shot at it, to tie. Tricky business, you better not break his bet. Both arms receive two cards. The maximum number of cards or the parties can get in three, and with the face cards and 10 cards, does not cost anything (yes, your read that right, the face cards in baccarat is useless), you'll have your work cut out for you. Aces are worth 1 with the remaining number of cards worth their face value. Remember, this is a simple game, you bet that hand, you have chosen will be higher than on the other hand on the table. Put the numbers and if they go over 10 to take off the first number, so if you draw 8 and 5, you should add these cards and get 13 right? Well, last time I checked, 13, slightly higher than 9, so that 13 is 3, you know? We took one out of 13, and end up with 3. You paint and you'll get 6 big boom bang, you've got nine and you win. Hands to work out like this, the first and third arms to go to the player with the second and fourth hand is going to Banker. Now let's move on to the semantics of Baccarat. The player hand is definitely the easier of the two with 6, 7, 8 and 9 standing. If you end up with a natural 9 or 8 (your two cards are dealt, equal to 9 or 8 right off the bat), you win automatically. 9 natural, of course, knocks the 8 natural, of course. Any hand less than 6 draws another card. Bam, you're done. This practical strategy is determined by how the player hand is obtained. Just remember this rhyme to help you through it: "If less than 5 cards, the banker pays to stay alive."

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